Reasons Your Yard Might Need a Retaining Wall

Reasons Your Yard Might Need a Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

Hardscaping is a great way to ensure that your yard stays in beautiful condition while adding durable surfaces for softscaping to grow and flourish on.  


One example of a useful hardscape feature is a sturdy retaining wall.  


Retaining walls are useful when your land is uneven (it has a slope in the terrain) and you want to stop erosion or minor landslides.  


But many people do not know when to invest in a retaining wall and the advantages a retaining wall can give their yard. 


This post will tell you when you need to install a retaining wall and what you can do with your land after one has been added.  

What a Retaining Wall Can do for Your Yard 

Retaining walls are a popular feature for many yards. Here's what they can add to your home. 



retaining wall on the back patio

A retaining wall adds value to your yard.  


A retaining wall gives your yard a boost in curb appeal and thus a boost in value. These walls offer a timeless design and add texture to your landscape. 


The best retaining walls will add as much as a 15% increase to your home’s value when it comes time to sell. 


Retaining walls stop landscape erosion.  


After a storm, you might notice rocks, pebbles, dirt, and mud have shifted from their place and ventured further downhill. This process is called erosion and it can be damaging to your property, and even dangerous if it goes unattended.  


A retaining wall will halt erosion in its path. These walls build up a sturdy base that stops soil from drifting downwards due to gravity. Retaining walls are one of the best strategies for stopping erosion because they do not impede natural water flow.  


Retaining walls add more space.  


One of the biggest benefits of retaining walls is that they can add more space to a sloping landscape.  


Your yard is transformed from a round hill to a multi-tiered area. You can multiply this effect by adding multiple retaining walls.  


Retaining walls create additional flat spaces in your yard, giving you more surface area for gardening, outdoor living spaces, and other activities. 


Retaining walls can add design and beauty.  


You can build your retaining wall using many different materials, textures, and patterns. These patterns can be used to create custom walkways, paths, and tracts of land.  


You can incorporate your retaining wall into your lifestyle by adding outdoor living features around it. Many homeowners choose to put hanging baskets along their retaining walls for extra aesthetic beauty.  


Get a Custom Retaining Wall with Lebanon Lawn and Landscape 


Retaining walls are not right for every landscape. Flat lands without any natural curve will have no use for a retaining wall.  


However, yards with hilly surfaces and uneven ground can benefit greatly from a retaining wall. 


Retaining walls give these homeowners the option of adding many different features to their yards and give plenty of flat ground to work on. 


Wondering if a retaining wall may be right for your home? 


Lebanon Lawn and Landscape can help! Reach out today and set up an estimate for your yard!