Career Opportunities

Position Requirements:

-A minimum of an associate ’s degree in landscape design or similar field. Higher/multiple degrees is a plus.
-Must know how and be able to efficiently use landscape design software (we have most name brand softwares)
-Must be able and willing to work 40 plus hours per week Monday through Friday
-Must have a clean criminal back ground free of any felonies, Pre-employment background checks are required. We are a drug free workplace, you must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test.
-Prior experience is preferred.

Position Skills and abilities:

-Ability to complete each project in accordance to proper planting conditions/zones from start to finish in a timely manner.
-Good communication skills.
-Good organizational, planning, and time management skills.
-Problem solving skills and an eye for detail related to landscape and hardscape design.
-Ability to read and understand blueprints.
-Ability to read and write (in English).

Position Duties:

-Perform thorough assessments of job quality for all landscaping designs to ensure that the company’s quality standards and required procedures are/were met or exceeded
-At all times conduct yourself professionally and uphold Lebanon Lawn & Landscape’s values and mission. Set an example for team members of a strong and positive work ethic, a safety mindset, efficiency, and a positive attitude.
-Plan jobs and ensure that the necessary resources and materials are available in sufficient quantities and that time is managed efficiently.
-Maintain and monitor all work environments and assigned equipment. Immediately report any damaged, broken, missing, or malfunctioning equipment and/or any safety concerns.
-Routinely interact with clients by answering questions, responding to client requests, making reasonable adjustments to the plan, and performing a walk-through with the client when necessary
-Keep the Project manager up-to-date on the job status, labor or material needs, obstacles, etc.; seek the Project manager’s help as needed.

Working Conditions:

-The majority of designs are done indoors however site visits may be necessary on occasion.

*Equal talent will always get equal opportunity at Lebanon Lawn & Landscape. A back ground check, drug screening, and driving record check (if applicable) are required prior to hiring.