Career Opportunities

Position Requirements:

-Minimum of one year of experience in the hardscape field including but not limited to pavers, retaining walls, fire places, and outdoor kitchens.
-Must be able to efficiently and safely operate the tools and equipment necessary to complete jobs, including, but not limited to, skid steers, mini skid steers, Cut-off saws, chainsaws, backpack blowers, etc.
-Must be able and willing to work 60 plus hours per week Monday through Friday with occasional Saturdays when necessary. Little notice may be given for Saturdays when necessary. The typical work week is 7am – 7pm Monday through Friday.
-Must have a clean criminal back ground free of any felonies, Pre-employment background checks are required. We are a drug free workplace, you must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test.
-Prior supervisory experience is preferred.
-Masonry experience is a plus.

Position Skills and abilities:

-Ability to complete each project to Industry standards from start to finish in a timely manner.
-Good communication and training skills; ability to provide direction to and motivate team members
-Good organizational, planning, and time management skills
-Problem solving skills and an eye for detail related to hardscaping
-Ability to read and understand blueprints
-Ability to read and write (in English)

Position Duties:

-Perform thorough assessments of job quality for all landscaping jobs to ensure that the company’s quality standards and required procedures are/were met or exceeded
-At all times set the tone for team leadership in line with Lebanon Lawn & Landscape’s values and mission. Set an example for team members of a strong and positive work ethic, a safety mindset, efficiency, and a positive attitude.
-Provide direction to, train, and monitor the work of assigned team members. Ensure all daily tasks are completed on schedule and according to quality standards. When necessary, mentor, coach, and discipline assigned team members.
-Ensure that team members are abiding by the company’s policies, code of conduct, and safety protocols
-Plan jobs and ensure that the necessary resources and materials are available in sufficient quantities and that time is managed efficiently. Ensure that all jobs are completed on time without exceeding the budgeted job production hours.
-Maintain and monitor all work environments and assigned equipment. Immediately report any damaged, broken, missing, or malfunctioning equipment and/or any safety concerns to the project leader.
-Routinely interact with clients by answering questions, responding to client requests, making reasonable adjustments to the plan, and performing a walk-through with the client when the job is completed.
-Keep the Project manager up-to-date on the job status, labor or material needs, obstacles, etc.; seek the Project manager’s help as needed to ensure hardscape plan results are achieved within the allotted timeframe.

Working conditions:

-The majority of our projects are outdoors. constant exposure to environmental and weather elements including, but not limited to, heat, cold, rain, wind, snow, dust, and pollen. Work is performed in close proximity to machinery and loud noises

*Equal talent will always get equal opportunity at Lebanon Lawn & Landscape. A back ground check, drug screening, and driving record check (if applicable) are required prior to hiring.